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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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is admired more than liked. The music displeases everybody, and the dances. I am quite uneasy about the Opera, for Mr. Conway is one of the directors, and I fear they will lose considerably, which he cannot afford. There are eight, Lord Middlesex, Lord Holderness, Mr. Frederick2, Lord Conway, Mr. Conway, Mr. Darner8, Lord Brook, and Mr. Brand. The five last are directed by the three first; they by the first, and he by the Abb6 Yanneschi, who will make a pretty sum. I will give you some instances; not to mention the improbability of eight young thoughtless men of fashion understanding economy: it is usual to give the poet fifty guineas for composing the books—Vanneschi and Eolli4 are allowed three hundred. Three hundred more Vanneschi had for his journey to Italy to pick up dancers and performers, which was always as well transacted by bankers there. He has additionally brought over an Italian tailor—because there are none here! They have already given this Taylorinl four hundred pounds, and he has already taken a house of thirty pounds a-year. Monticelli and the Visconti are to have a thousand guineas a-piece; Amorevoli eight hundred and fifty: this, at the rate of the great singers, is not so extravagant; but to the Muscovita (though the second woman never had above four hundred) they give six • that is for secret services5. By this you may judge of their frugality! I am quite uneasy for poor Harry6, who will thus be to pay for Lord Middlesex's pleasures! G-ood night!
I have not time now to write more.
Yours ever.
2 According to Lord Dover, John, second son of Sir John. Frederick, Knight; succeeded his cousin, as fourth Baronet in 1770; Commissioner of Customs, and M. P. for West Looe; d. 1783.
8 Joseph Darner (1718-1798), cr. (June 3, 1753) Baron Milton of Shronehlll, co. Tipperary, (May 10,
1762) Baron Milton of Milton Abbey, Dorsetshire, and (1792) Earl of Dorchester.
* Paolo Eolli (1687-1767), Italian poet and man of letters.
6 She -was kept by Lord Middlesex. Walpole.
8 Mr. Conway.